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Sorry for the lack of posting… I haven’t been feeling the greatest about myself. :) But I’ve realized that I had better make the best of the warm weather while I can… As always, my private blog will get all of the photos I took this week, not just the ones I’m posting here. :) Subscribe to see them!

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People don’t let women go as nuts. It’s OK for Hunter S. Thompson or Keith Richards to be active drug addicts, but women like Courtney Love are supposed to always be getting help. Not a lot of people have the balls to be that upfront and exposed and vulgar. Courtney tells you everything. I think it’s crazy, but I admire that. By Mish Way, frontwoman for riotous Vancouver punk band White Lung, talks to Jenn Pelly about feminism, serial killers, and figure skating in our latest Rising profile.  (via pitchfork)